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Male Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Male Facial Plastic Surgery is best performed on adult men who feel that their outward appearance no longer reflects the youth and vigor they feel physically or emotionally.  Male Facial Plastic Surgery requires significantly different approaches to maintain the ideal male characteristics.  Strong defined chins and jaw lines, bolder, more angular contours, fuller, less arched eyebrows, and the presence of thicker, hair bearing facial skin, requires a Plastic Surgeon to modify surgical procedures in order to achieve a more masculine result over traditional techniques.  Men often seek Male Facial Plastic Surgery in order to stay competitive in the workforce or dating scene, to keep up with their spouse, who may regularly obtain anti-aging treatments, and/or to feel a boost in self-confidence in their daily lives.*

Portrait of handsome mature man.

Male Facelift SurgeryA facelift (rhytidectomy) can help improve the most visible signs of aging by removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles, as well as rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck.  Men seeking to look younger and regain their confidence may consider a facelift surgery.  Male Facelift Surgery requires customized facial rejuvenation procedures to correct visible signs of aging, but also to maintain the ideal masculine appearance.  Dr. Calloway has extensive experience with multiple types of Male Facelifting procedures, and has been in the forefront of these Male Specific Procedures for many years.  One of Dr. Calloway’s first Television interviews over 20 years ago while a Plastic Surgeon at Mayo Clinic, was discussing the increased demand and challenges of Male Plastic Surgery Procedures.

Male faces deemed anatomically attractive tend to be square-shaped with more intricate hairlines and slightly square jawlines whereas women tend to have heart shaped faces, with rounded corners from the hairline that extend down toward the chin area.  Males also tend to have longer faces at the bottom to accommodate a longer upper lip and lengthy chin. Men tend to have hollower cheeks because they tend to have less fat. Men have wider jawbones than women do; this is because the muscles attached to the corners of the jawbone have a tendency to be more robust. Female jawlines form a soft curve that extends from the earlobe to the chin. Male jawlines are straighter from the ear downward and then more angular toward the chin. Learn More About Face Lift Surgery… *

Male Neck lifting Surgery – Male patients seeking to improve the appearance of their lower face and neck may consider Male Neck Lift Surgery.  It focuses the surgical improvement on the jawline and neck contours, and like Male Facelifting Surgery, the procedure emphasizes the unique masculine characteristics of the face and neck.  It is typically utilized in Men who have more age related changes in the neck than in the face.*

Thicker hair bearing skin, more concentration of firmer, vascular fatty tissues, and the desire to enhance and create stronger and more angular chins and jaw lines, mandates different surgical approaches than traditional neck lifting surgery.  Men seeking to treat signs of aging in the forehead, eyelids, and mid face areas can combine their Necklift surgery with a brow lift and/or eyelid surgery.  Dr. Calloway offers all of his male patients a comprehensive Plastic Surgery consultation in order to offer the best options suited for their desired results. Learn More About Neck Lift Surgery… *

Male Browlifting Surgery – Male patients who are seeking to improve the appearance of the upper face and eyes may consider Male Browlifting Surgery.  The procedure is designed to rejuvenate the youthful appearance of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids, while maintaining Male-specific characteristics.  Males’ eyebrows sit slightly above the brow bone, whereas, Females’ eyebrows are more arched and sit higher above the rims of the eyes.  Often, men’s eyebrows are also bushy and straight with no arch. Women tend to have eyes that appear larger, and the shape of the rim above the forehead influences the shape of the cheekbones.  In addition, Women tend to have foreheads that are more rounded and vertical with less brow bossing.   Brow bossing is the horizontal bony ridge that runs across the forehead just above the eyes, a common Male characteristic. Learn More About Brow Lift Surgery… *

Male Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) – This surgical procedure rejuvenates the appearance of the area surrounding the eyes, known as the periorbital region.  Blepharoplasty gives a rested, healthy and refreshed look to the face and eyes.  The procedure is used to correct excessive skin, fine wrinkles, droopiness, bags under the eyes, and saggy, loose skin of the eyelids.  As tissues around the eyes age, support to delicate structures may be compromised, and therefore, specialized adjunctive procedures may be beneficial to correct loss of structural support to the eyelids and periorbital tissues. *

Dr. Calloway is an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon with special training and expertise in eyelid surgery.  He has been performing specialized eyelid procedures including cosmetic and complex reconstructive procedures for over 25 years.  During his years as a Plastic Surgeon at Mayo Clinic, he helped develop and refine laser assisted eyelid surgeries allowing less invasive treatments of the eyelids.  During his tenure, Dr. Calloway has also helped train hundreds of physicians and surgeons from around the world in these more sophisticated eyelid procedures.  While at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Calloway helped introduce minimally invasive technologies to the international community and has been a featured speaker and educator at many international Medical Conferences.  As every patient presents with specific and unique aspects of eyelid aging and pathology, Dr. Calloway recognizes that every procedure needs to be tailored and customized to the individual.  Consequently, eyelid surgery represents many surgical techniques that are blended and adapted to each specific patient to achieve the desired natural rejuvenation of the eyelids. Learn More About Eyelid Surgery… *

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