Male Browlift Surgery

Male Browlifting Surgery – Male patients who are seeking to improve the appearance of the upper face and eyes may consider male brow lift surgery.  The procedure is designed to rejuvenate the youthful appearance of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids, while maintaining Male-specific characteristics.  Males’ eyebrows sit slightly above the brow bone, whereas, Females’ eyebrows are more arched and sit higher above the rims of the eyes.  Often, men’s eyebrows are also bushy and straight with no arch. Women tend to have eyes that appear larger, and the shape of the rim above the forehead influences the shape of the cheekbones.  In addition, Women tend to have foreheads that are more rounded and vertical with less brow bossing.   Brow bossing is the horizontal bony ridge that runs across the forehead just above the eyes, a common Male characteristic. 

Men also seeking to treat signs of aging in the forehead, eyelids, and mid face areas can combine their brow lift surgery with a facelift, necklift and/or eyelid surgery.  Dr. Calloway offers all of his male patients a comprehensive Plastic Surgery consultation in order to offer the best options suited for their desired results. *

*Results may vary.